Choosing a Recital Theme

To theme or not to theme? That is a question many Studio Owners face year after year. Let's break down the pros and cons!

To Theme:

Choosing a theme can set the stage (pun intended) for your entire production. Your theme can make choosing music, recital artwork, scenery etc. a lot easier. From start to finish, your show can have a cohesive theme that can make the entire experience for your audience a real show stopper. Here are some top popular specific themes used by dance studios as reported by :

  1. Around the World

  2. Red Carpet

  3. On Broadway

  4. Once Upon a Time

  5. Dance Through the Decades

Just seeing these themes, you can start to imagine the whole production from start to finish!

Or Not to Theme:

By choosing a specific theme, you also lose the creativity by having to fit a certain mold. It can create a forced feel with poor music choices and lose the ability for instructors to choose music that fits their classes. This is when a general theme comes into play. A broad theme gives your show a title but allows for a broad range of music for your dancers performance. Here are some top general themes as listed by :

  1. Dance, Dance Revolution

  2. Celebrate Dance!

  3. Extra, Extra!

  4. Raising the Barre

  5. Inspiration

Now the world of music can be used!

No Right or Wrong

There is no right or wrong, just what your creativity is feeling each year. That's what makes dance and performances so exciting! No year is, or ever, the same!!

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