Create a Contest for Program Ad Sales this Year!


A great way to boost ad sales for your dance recital program book is to run Ad Sales Contests! While requiring a little more effort, the potential profits make it well worth the time.

The first thing you need to do is determine what type of contest. (We are using tuition credit as the prize but you can do trophies, flowers etc. as the prize or a combination) Consider your cost to produce your program and the cost of ads to determine the value of your prizes.


1- Top 3 Sellers

This is the easiest and most basic with 3 winners. We are using tuition credit for the example but you can also do trophies, flowers etc.


The top 3 families to have the most money brought in from ad submissions receive the following:

1st place winner - $100 TUITION credit

2nd place winner - $75 TUITION credit

3rd place winner - $50 TUITION credit

2- Tiered

Tiered Contest offer everyone that sells over a certain amount an incentive.


Platinum Tier: $500.00 in ad sales receive: $100.00 in Tuition credit

Gold Tier: $400.00 in ad sales receive: $40.00 in Tuition credit

Silver Tier: $300.00 in ad sales receive: $30.00 in Tuition credit

Bronze Tier: $200.00 in ad sales receive: $20.00 in Tuition credit

3- One Grand Prize Winner!

With one winner you can get really creative and do something that students/parents would really love and work hard to win!


Photo of winner in program book, announcing winner at the recital, free costume the following season, free summer course, trophy and tiara presented at the finale are just a few ideas!

We hope these ideas inspire you to create your own contest for your next show!

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